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Freshers and returning cue sports enthusiasts, the Bunfight 2016/17 is nearly upon us and is not to be missed! Break-off your Bunfight tour by visiting the table of Snooker & Pool Club. Chalk up your name onto our sign-up sheet and speak to one of our committee members to find out more about the club and what we offer to members. We will be giving away a FREE MEMBERSHIP during Freshers Week!! See you there!






A short and sweet one this week to parallel the many absentees as we enter the heart of semester 1 in Southampton (and the fact the writer started a new job on the day of writing…)! As Tom Dickson had dissertation trouble, Govinder Chambore was seriously ill, Micky Olding is (still) snowed under with PhD work and Rob Holden was sadly away for family reasons, league turnout was at a term-low.

However, on the table, Resident Chalky Pocket Man Nev Harrison beat Alan Zhang 2-0 after confessing pre-match that – like many of us – he ‘didn’t know who this Alan guy is’, but suggested after, as the whispers have gone, that ‘Alan could be a very, very good player’. Adam Turner found time to play Tom Dickson on another occasion in the week and the second frame was excruciatingly tight, going to a tense re-spotted black in the second frame, which club veteran Turner took to triumph 2-0 overall.

The heavyweight clash of the week featured club captain Anu Higgoda facing up to dancer and choreographer extraordinaire Mike Andrews, who snuck the first frame on the black before yielding by 40 points in the second, resulting in a tight 1-1 draw. After a very decent run of form, motormouth David Spring lost to George Benjamin 2-0 after a strong showing from the club newbie

Decent breaks this week came in the AGogna-Lawrence tie, with the former making a 22 in the first and Lawrence constructing a 21 in the second; as such, the spoils were shared at 1-1, while elsewhere, the in-form Kurtis Haberstraw beat Adam 2-0 with a strong 37 to boot. But the strongest showing came from club enigma Alan Zhang, who beat Alex Fower 2-0 with an excellent 42 in the first frame.

Dick of the week nominations go to Adam and Lawrence for somehow forgetting to write down the score to their second frame – but the winner is surely Alan, who thought he was playing a league match against a regular member, then mistaking him for Rob Holden and entering the match result on the league scoresheet…


(21) Lawrence Mann 1-1 Asheesh Gogna (22)

Mike Andrews 1-1 Anu Higgoda

(21) Matthew Burton 2-0 Rob Holden

(22) Adam Turner 1-1 Lawrence Mann

Harry Smit 0-2 Kurtis Haberstraw (40)

(37) Kurtis Haberstraw 2-0 Adam Turner

Matthew Burton 2-0 George Benjamin

Alex Fower 0-2 Matthew Burton

David Spring 1-1 Nev Harrison

Tom Dickson 0-2 Adam Turner

Alan Zhang 0-2 Nev Harrison

(42) Alan Zhang 2-0 Alex Fower

Tom Dickson 0-2 Mike Andrews

Steven Zhang 0-2 Ash Rogers (20)

Rob Holden 0-2 Alan Zhang

George Benjamin 2-0 David Spring

Nev Harrison 1-1 Weronika Nowicka






Where do you start with a week like that – on and off the snooker table?

First, let’s get the formalities out of the way. Performance of the week goes to the man-with-the-mile-wide stance, ‘vein popper’ and president extraordinaire Ash Rogers, who triumphed over the in-form Micky Olding 2-0 in a convincing display. There is no doubt Ash has it in him to beat some good players, so here’s hoping he can find some consistency and surge up the league table.

Micky then shared the spoils with Mike Andrews in a 1-1 draw, but was lucky to get away with such a result, as the moustachioed pretender really ought to have finished him off. Lawrence Mann has hit some great form in recent weeks and so it continued, coming back from snookers required to beat Alex Fower, who in turn has picked up a couple of wins but has been found wanting against the better players.

Elsewhere, Steven Zhang stole a sneaky draw after fluking the blue and clearing up to leave his opponent, club veteran Agogna, aghast. Steven’s brother-from-another-mother (quite literally) Alan remains somewhat an unknown entity after it emerged he can only play outside of league hours due to a ‘part-time job’ – some say he’s actually a deep cover MI6 operative masquerading as a student and that he is actually a regular at Soton hotspot FYEO on league nights – yet he managed to dispatch George Benjamin and the evergreen Matthew Burton to show his pedigree once again.

According to captain Higgoda, dick of the week nominations are somewhat few and far between this time round, so he scraped the barrel to point a finger at Lawrence for playing his league matches in socks and Rob Holden for turning up in shorts and slippers amid the customary Southampton doom and gloom at this time of year.

But the biggest highlight of the past seven days definitely came off the snooker table and in The Stag’s, with some highly questionable karaoke from Polish Princess Weronika and Mandrews, who is said to be Mike Andrews’ inebriated alter-ego. Bon Jovi’s ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ was the selected track, which we at SUSPC will never be able to hear in the same way again.

I will leave you with the week’s defining mental image of Mandrews twirling and mic grabbing to his heart’s content. If you missed it, you missed out.



Matthew Burton 2-0 Weronika Nowicka

Rob Holden 0-2 Lawrence Mann (24)

(22) Neville Harrison 2-0 Matthew Burton

Lawrence Mann 1-1 Harry Smit

Alex Fower 0-2 Kurtis Haberstraw

Micky Olding 0-2 Ash Rogers (25)

Adam Turner 0-2 Anu Higgoda

Steven Zhang 0-2 Mike Andrews (35,25)

Mike Andrews 1-1 Micky Olding (18)

Asheesh Gogna 1-1 Steven Zhang (18)

Matthew Burton 0-2 Alan Zhang (20,23)

Lawrence Mann 2-0 Govinder Chambore

Rob Holden 0-2 Steven Zhang

Anu Higgoda 2-0 Asheesh Gogna

Kurtis Haberstraw 2-0 George Benjamin

George Benjamin 0-2 Alan Zhang

Alex Fower 0-2 Lawrence Mann

Ash Rogers 1-1 Weronika Nowicka



1. Mike Andrews – 7.0

2. Ash Rogers – 6.1

3. Anu Higgoda – 5.5

4. Kurtis Haberstraw – 5.2

5. Lawrence Mann – 5.0






The new regime of Captain Higgoda and his First Mate President Rogers has quickly fallen into place and all around SUSPC are impressed with the new direction the club is taking. But with patterns starting to form and the big names starting to show their class, the league table is beginning to take a familiar shape. The last week has seen some big fixtures, beginning with the heavyweight clash between whippersnapper Mike Andrews and Rogers. Mike prevailed 2-0 after an impressive 50 break in the first frame – and it could have been higher after a shirt foul called by Ash (#shirtgate) early on.

This week we also welcome Rob Holden to proceedings, whose birthday wishes clearly came true after celebrating his 19th only two full days before what turned out to be his league debut. He takes over from Duncan Steed, who sadly had to pull out only a couple of weeks in.

Elsewhere, Tom Dickson came close to picking up his first frame of the year and securing a top result against George Benjamin after missing a frame ball black in the second. Captain Higgoda, while recovering from illness, has played a lot like his beloved Manchester United this week – not great but getting the results required. Following 2-0 wins over both Harry Smit and Alex Fower, he hopes to find his form soon once his ferrule has been repaired.

Shot of the week most definitely goes to Lawrence Mann for potting a long range pink across the table with the cue ball in one of the black pocket jaws. At the other end of the spectrum, dick of the week nominations include Rob for losing all mathematical sense, failing to count points remaining on the table and trying to pot brown instead of green; George for the loudest cough in all of Hampshire trying to let Rob know he was playing the wrong ball and also Asheesh and the Zhang ‘brothers’ for failing to show up all evening.

Some say he’s been busy hacking TalkTalk and that it was he who trained Batman to keep a secret identity, but either way, the absence of the talented but increasingly elusive Alan Zhang – much like Ronnie O’Sullivan at the forthcoming UK Championships – was the major disappointment of the week. If anyone sees him, please let us at SUSPC know.



Weronika Nowicka 1-1 David Spring (18)

Adam Turner 0-2 Micky Olding

Harry Smit 1-1 Steven Zhang

David Spring 1-1 Matthew Burton

Micky Olding 2-0 Asheesh Gogna

Steven Zhang 1-1 Adam Turner

Alex Fower 0-2 Anu Higgoda

George Benjamin 2-0 Tom Dickson

Govinder Chambore 0-2 Kurtis Haberstraw

(50) Mike Andrews 2-0 Ashley Rogers

Tom Dickson 0-2 Alex Fower

George Benjamin 0-2 Lawrence Mann (25)

Asheesh Gogna 1-1 Mike Andrews (27, 36)

Ashley Rogers 1-1 David Spring

Anu Higgoda 2-0 Harry Smit

Kurtis Haberstraw 2-0 Rob Holden

(15) Tom Dickson 1-1 Rob Holden

(27) Anu Higgoda 2-0 Rob Holden


1. Mike Andrews – 8.4
2. Micky Olding – 6.8
3. Steven Zhang – 5.7
4. Anu Higgoda – 5.5
5. Asheesh Gogna – 4.0



With the term now well underway, SUSPC are starting to hit their stride (both on and off the table!) and are already putting in the practice hours for the academic year ahead. Club captain Higgoda’s coaching slots are regularly booked out well in advance as club members – from the team and otherwise – take full advantage of the snooker nous he possesses to complement Tim Dunkley’s sessions over the coming weeks.

The second round of league fixtures threw up a few surprises as per usual: second-year Harry Smit pulled off an excellent 1-1 draw with Micky Olding and on another day could possibly have snatched the second frame to boot. Olding then went on to comfortably beat Alex Fower 2-0 with a wide range of extravagant shot selections, which the inexperienced Fower seemed a little in awe of at times.

Team returnee Adam Turner also managed a strong draw with Mike Andrews, featuring an impressive tier 3 break, and he also could have nicked the second frame before Andrews nervously cleared from brown to pink (which flirted intently with the jaws) to avoid a shock defeat. Meanwhile, the ever-mysterious Alan Zhang – some say he can play cue sports in complete darkness and that, unlike Stephen Lee, he can actually cover his tracks with the WPSBA’s match fixing department – maintained his undefeated record by securing solid draws against motormouth David Spring and the delightful Weronika Nowicka.

Another week 2 highlight included the return of resident Polish Princess Nowicka’s wonderful jeans/tights full of holes, and while we at SUSPC HQ are assured this does constitute a form of fashion, we are yet to see these go on sale anywhere in West Quay. There are only two dick of the week nominations this time round, and it’s for the same event – Stephen Zhang and Fower did not realise they had spotted the green and yellow the wrong way round in their league frame to the horror of their captain and all who witnessed it.

As a result, Higgoda will be insisting all team members are closely reacquainted with the balls and their spots this week to avoid any future embarrassment. As ever, there is much to look forward to in the days ahead, including the first SUSPC fantasy league update of the year. Bring it on, and happy snookering!


Kurtis Haberstraw 2-0 Weronika Nowicka

George Benjamin 2-0 Steven Zhang

Lawrence Mann 1-1 Neville Harrison

Adam Turner 2-0 Asheesh Gogna

Mike Andrews 2-0 Harry Smit

Anu Higgoda 2-0 George Benjamin

Anu Higgoda 2-0 Govinder Chambore

Kurtis Haberstraw 2-0 Neville Harrison

Alex Fower 2-0 Steven Zhang





The academic year has now officially begun which can only mean one thing: the University of Southampton Snooker and Pool Club is up and running for 2015/2016. After a freshers fortnight which contained a wonderful first club night, two days of hotly contested team trials and a club social, there is a buzz around the Snooker Room – which is just the way we like it.

New captain and newly-qualified coach Anu Higgoda has opted for a squad system this year to promote greater competition for places and ensure all players remain sharp, which should result in a higher overall standard as the Club look to send strong teams to the national competitions in semester 2.

We welcome George Benjamin, Alex Fower, Stephen Zhang, Rob Holden, Duncan Steed, Adam Griffiths and Colin Smith to the 2015/2016 squad which fills the voids left by graduating or departing members, while another new recruit, Alan Zhang, has already caused quite a stir. Supposedly a national-level 8-ball pool player in China, captain Higgoda has identified Alan as ‘a potting machine’ who will be looking to refine a snooker game that matches his natural flair for cue sports.

The team is also pleased to welcome back ex-members Adam Turner and Govinder Chambore, who return to the fold after a year out and offer a more experienced balance to the team alongside the multitude of new members. With the renowned talents of Higgoda and Kurtis Haberstraw alongside the promise shown in recent years by Mike Andrews, Micky Olding and new Club President Ashley Rogers, the squad really does have a talented core once again.

Also new for this year is the exciting SUSPC Fantasy League concept based on the weekly team league. As with its renowned football contemporaries so popular up and down the country, fantasy prices are assigned to all players based on knowledge of previous playing levels and high breaks. Points are then allocated or subtracted depending on match results, frame scores, a tiered break system and the already infamous ‘dick of the week’ title (awarded weekly). Early nominees apparently include Tom Dickson for erroneously listing a ‘high’ break of 8 on the scoring sheet, One Drink Wonder Lawrence Mann for mysteriously disappearing midway through the first social and also Rogers and Alan Zhang for playing without a blue on the table in their fixture…

Of course, the league itself is now officially underway, with 20 team players participating in the friendly team competition which runs until the Christmas vacation. Early contenders feature Olding, who beat Chambore 2-0 with multiple 15-20 point breaks in the first frame followed by a highly impressive 61 in the second, and captain Higgoda who unsurprisingly also features in most fantasy league teams.

Other highlights of the week include new boy Fower, who beat Asheesh Gogna 2-0 with his good-looking cue action – but the Ginger Genius’s game is crying out for more focus on the basic shots which often let him down. Fresher Benjamin found some inspiration to draw 1-1 with the mighty Andrews, who won the first frame convincingly, but was decidedly unhappy with life after losing the second. Resident motor-mouth David Spring also drew 1-1 with Haberstraw and provided his usual irritating self-commentary throughout, whilst in-form president Rogers was furious after Adam Turner supposedly walked in front of his shot in another hotly-contested draw (#walkgate). Rogers did, however, beat the returning BUCS hero Matthew Burton 2-0 after two very strong breaks.

All in all, it has been a fascinating start for SUSPC with the new regime of 2015/2016. As coaching sessions begin over the next couple of weeks, standards should improve markedly as we look to build the strongest team possible to compete on as many fronts as possible. Roll on the next nine months!