How do I get membership?
Contact the club at susc@soton.ac.uk, or turn up to a club night (on Sunday) between 5-6pm.

How do I collect my membership card?
We will bring them to the next club night (Sundays between 4:30pm and 10:30pm). If you are unable to come along to pick it up, we will leave it with the reception desk upstairs. You just need to present your student card to collect it.

Who do I talk to if I lose my membership card?
If you lose your card, contact Chris Etheridge, our club secretary, and he will arrange a replacement.

How does it work?
You get a membership card. When you come to play snooker, you hand in this membership card and your white student card to reception. Your student card gets you a set of snooker balls, and your membership card gets you a set of keys. On the keyring are three keys: two gain you access to the club’s cupboards (to store your own cue, or borrow a club cue), and the third key switches the table lights on and off. When you play, turn the lights on and when you’re done, turn them off and return the keys/balls to reception. They’ll hand your cards back to you.

What happens if the club keys are already out?
Then you need to talk to the members in the snooker room already using them to switch on the lights on your table and access the cupboard as necessary. If that person finishes before you do, then you must accompany them back up to reception, so that you can hand your membership card to take the keys out. Please DO NOT “swap cards” with other members; the reception do not like this practice, and this is how cards get lost. ALWAYS go up to reception with your cards and get the keys in person.

Can I play with free lighting with a non-club member?
We have four tables. Tables 1 and 2 are for general use, and we permit you using your free lighting with non-members on these tables.

Tables 3 and 4 are strictly members-only tables. We only permit members to use these tables at all times, even if tables 1 and 2 are in use.