Club Competitions

We organise two different competitions for the university. The team players (who have been picked by the committee) have their own league, while all the other club members have the option to participate in more casual competitions.

Casual Tournaments

These are open to any student of the university, past or present. Typically, players will be handicapped based on their highest break or known standard of play, and then entered into a double elimination draw system. Within, every entrant has the chance to play two matches and lose one of them without their place in the tournament being compromised. Eventually, there are two finalists who play off for a small cash prize or tickets to a World Snooker ranking event. Keep an eye out on this website, and Facebook/Twitter pages, for more information.

Team League

The league rules are as follows:

  • Each game consists of two frames.
  • Each frame won counts as one point.
  • The home player (player listed first) breaks off in the first frame.
  • The winner is the player with the most frame points. If points are level, then the player with more frames won is ranked higher. If the number of frames won are also level, then the positions are decided on point difference.
  • The losing player automatically concedes the frame, if more than three snookers are required on the colours.

The team league will run on a single night each week, which will be decided after the teams have been picked. There are two leagues with 8 players in each, meaning that most players will play 2 matches per week on league night.

SUSPC Student-Alumni Championships – January 2016

With a large turn-out for both days (26 for the Saturday Team matches and 29 for the Individual Single Elimination Tournament) and the return of some club legends over the past 10 years, the weekends’ action promised some excellent snooker, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Along with a couple of surprise packages, namely ex. 3rd team captain Norman Ong, and use of a handicap points system there were also plenty of unexpected results.

Captain of Team D Alex ‘Cued it nicely’ Lo guided his side to a nail-biting win over Team A lead by the 2015/16 Club Captain Anu ‘Double century-breaker’ Higgoda. The contest came down to a respotted black contest between last years’ BUCS Snooker 3rd team captain Asheesh Gogna (Team D) against Alumni 3rd team player Lewis Liu (Team A). Lewis, attempting a quarter ball cut on the black into the yellow pocket rattled the jaws, the black staying over the pocket. All Asheesh had to do was compose himself before dispatching of the gifted black with ease.

FUN FACT: Returning 3rd Team Captain Norman Ong was the only players to win all his matches on Saturday!

Day two saw the coming and going of the individuals championship and with it more shocks. None of the top four seeds make it past the quarter finals. Club legend Tom Foley (last year’s winner and seeded first) was knocked-out by returning 2nd team extraordinaire Tom Mansbridge 2-0, who played some fine snooker in the early afternoon, making the weekends highest break in the first round against Park Gate B regular Ian Finch before eventually being seen off by finalist Micky Olding in the quarter finals, who himself comfortably beat high-flying Club President Ash Rogers in the semi-finals. Former Club President Johnny Follows made it as far as the quarter finals after seeing off Alumni secondary school teacher Peter Jordan, who went in-off on a respotted black in the deciding frame. Elsewhere, Park Gate B regular Paul Tavender (2nd seed) lost out to Mike Andrews in the quarter finals, who went on to beat Micky Olding in the Individuals Final 2-0, having beaten Alumni player Rob Keal 2-1 in a nervy semi-final.

I’d like to thank all those who took part in a great weekend of snooker, and look forward to seeing you for the next instalment of the Snooker-Alumni Championships 2016/17!


Weekend Breaks (>20)

Ash Rogers                        22, 24, 27, 27, 30

Alan Zhang                       22, 31

Tom Foley                         25, 27, 28, 28

Paul Tavender                  20, 28

Mike Andrews                  23, 24, 25, 30, 31

Anu Higgoda                    23, 29

Kurtis Haberstraw          23

Tom O’Brien                     24

Tom Mansbridge             21, 50

Alex Lo                               30, 35, 40

Geoff Corden                    24

Chris Etheridge                7

Ed Evans                            21

Micky Olding                    24, 27, 30


Saturday Team Draw

Team A:              Anu Higgoda (c), Ashley Rogers, Lewis Liu, Ben Norton, Norman Ong

Team B:              Paul Tavender (c), Kurtis Haberstraw, Rob Keal, Ed Evans, Kumo Sharma

Team C:              Tom Foley (c), Mike Andrews, Neville Harrison, Chris Etheridge, Steven

Team D:              Alex Lo (c), Ian Finch, Johnny Follows, Weronika Nowicka, Asheesh Gogna

Team E:              Tom Norton (c), Alan, Tom O’Brien, Tom Mansbridge, Geoff Corden, Rob Holden

Saturday Results – Team Head to Heads

Round 1:

Team A                           3-3                      Team B

Ben Norton                       0-1                        Paul Tavender

Ashley Rogers                   1-0                        Kurtis Haberstraw

Lewis Liu                           0-1                        Rob Keal

Anu Higgoda                    1-0                        Ed Evans

Norman Ong                    1-0                        Kumo Sharma

Lewis Liu                           0-1                        Paul Tavender


Team D                           3-3                      Team E

Asheesh Gogna                 1-0                        Tom Norton

Johnny Follows                0-1                        Alan Zhang

Alex Lo                               0-1                        Tom O’Brien

Weronika Nowicka          1-0                        Tom Mansbridge

Ian Finch                           0-1                        Geoff Corden

Johnny Follows                1-0                        Rob Holden


Round 2:

Team A                          4-2                      Team C

Anu Higgoda                    1-0                        Steven Zhang

Norman Ong                    1-0                        Tom Foley

Ashley Rogers                  0-1                        Mike Andrews

Ben Norton                       0-1                        Neville Harrison

Lewis Liu                          1-0                        Mike Andrews

Ashley Rogers                  1-0                        Chris Etheridge


Team B                           1-5                       Team D

Rob Keal                            0-1                        Johnny Follows

Ed Evans                           0-1                        Weronika Nowicka

Paul Tavender                  0-1                        Asheesh Gogna

Kurtis Haberstraw          1-0                        Alex Lo

Kumo Sharma                  0-1                        Ian Finch

Rob Keal                            0-1                        Alex Lo


Round 3:

Team B                          3-3                       Team C

Kurtis Haberstraw          1-0                        Tom Foley

Ed Evans                           0-1                        Mike Andrews

Paul Tavender                  0-1                        Neville Harrison

Kumo Sharma                  1-0                        Chris Etheridge

Rob Keal                            0-1                        Tom Foley

Kumo Sharma                  1-0                        Steven Zhang


Team A                           4-2                      Team E

Lewis Liu                           0-1                        Alan Zhang

Norman Ong                    1-0                        Tom Norton

Anu Higgoda                    1-0                        Tom O’Brien

Ashley Rogers                  0-1                        Tom Mansbridge

Ben Norton                       1-0                        Rob Holden

Anu Higgoda                    1-0                        Geoff Corde


Round 4:

Team C                           3-3                      Team D

Tom Foley                         1-0                        Weronika Nowicka

Neville Harrison              0-1                        Alex Lo

Mike Andrews                  0-1                        Ian Finch

Chris Etheridge               0-1                        Asheesh Gogna

Steven Zhang                   1-0                        Johnny Follows

Neville Harrison             1-0                        Ian Finch


Team B                           4-2                       Team E

Paul Tavender                   1-0                        Tom Norton

Kurtis Haberstraw            0-1                        Tom O’Brien

Kumo Sharma                   0-1                        Alan Zhang

Kurtis Haberstraw            1-0                        Rob Holden

Rob Keal                             1-0                        Tom Mansbridge

Ed Evans                            1-0                        Geoff Corden


Round 5:

Team A                           5-1                       Team D

Ben Norton                       0-1                        Alex Lo

Anu Higgoda                    1-0                        Ian Finch

Norman Ong                    1-0                        Asheesh Gogna

Ashley Rogers                   1-0                        Johnny Follows

Lewis Liu                           1-0                        Weronika Nowicka

Norman Ong                    1-0                        Asheesh Gogna


 Team C                           1-5                        Team E

Steven Zhang                    0-1                        Tom Norton

Tom Foley                         0-1                        Rob Holden

Chris Etheridge                0-1                        Tom O’Brien

Mike Andrews                  0-1                        Tom Mansbridge

Neville Harrison              0-1                        Alan Zhang

Steven Zhang                    1-0                        Geoff Corden


Team Head-to-Head Final:

Team A                          2-3                       Team B

Norman Ong                    1-0                        Johnny Follows

Anu Higgoda                    0-1                        Alex Lo

Ben Norton                       0-1                        Ian Finch

Ashley Rogers                   1-0                        Weronika Nowicka

Lewis Liu                           0-1                        Asheesh Gogna


Sunday Results – Individuals


First Round:

Tom Mansbridge             2-1         Ian Finch

Chris Etheridge                1-2         Ed Evans

Geoff Corden                    1-2         Micky Olding

Lawrence Mann               0-2         Ashley Rogers

Peter Jordan                     2-1         Neville Harrison

Johnny Follows                2-0         Anu Higgoda (4)

Asheesh Gogna                 2-1         Harry Smit

Steven Zhang                    2-0         Alan Zhang

Lewis Liu                           0-2         Mike Andrews

Kurtis Haberstraw          0-2         Rob Keal

Weronika Nowicka         1-2         Ben Norton

Kumo Sharma                  2-0         Rob Holden

Norman Ong                    1-2         Alex Lo (3)


Last 16:

Tom Foley (1)                    0-2         Tom Mansbridge

Ed Evans                            1-2         Micky Olding

Tom Norton                      1-2         Ashley Rogers

Peter Jordan                     1-2         Johnny Follows

Paul Tavender (2)           2-0         Asheesh Gogna

Mike Andrews                  2-0         Steve Zhang

Rob Keal                            2-0         Ben Norton

Kumo Sharma                  0-2         Alex Lo (3)


Quarter Finals:

Tom Mansbridge             0-2         Micky Olding

Ashley Rogers                   2-0         Johnny Follows

Paul Tavender (2)           0-2         Mike Andrews

Rob Keal                            2-1         Alex Lo (3)


Semi Finals:

Micky Olding                    2-0         Ashley Rogers

Mike Andrews                  2-1         Rob Keal


Individuals Final:

Mike Andrews                  2-0         Micky Olding


Winners Prize Money

£40 – Individuals Winner

£20 – Individuals Runner Up

£10pp – Team Head-to-Head Winners

£10 – Highest Break made over the weekend (Breaks >50 only)


 - Ashley Rogers (Club President)