Club Competitions

We organise two different competitions for the university. The team players (who have been picked by the committee) have their own league, while all the other club members have the option to participate in more casual competitions.

Casual Tournaments

These are open to any student of the university, past or present. Typically, players will be handicapped based on their highest break or known standard of play, so anyone can win, regardless of experience. Keep an eye out on our Facebook/Twitter pages, for more information.

Team League

The league rules are as follows:

  • Each game consists of two frames.
  • Each frame won counts as one point.
  • The home player (player listed first) breaks off in the first frame.
  • The winner is the player with the most frame points. If points are level, then the player with more frames won is ranked higher. If the number of frames won are also level, then the positions are decided on point difference.
  • The losing player automatically concedes the frame, if more than three snookers are required on the colours.

The team league will run on a single night each week, which will be decided after the teams have been picked. There are two leagues with 8 players in each, meaning that most players will play 2 matches per week on league night.